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In 1971 Gary Marsh changed the entire landscape of how film and television were cast when he created the first Breakdown. The distribution system to deliver the Breakdowns to Agents and Managers and the subsequent means for Casting to receive submissions completed the circuit. This trinity of innovations is the foundation on which Breakdown Services was built.

Since those first sparks of ingenuity over 50 years ago, Breakdown Services has continued to be at the forefront of creating essential, industry-specific software and solutions to improve the audition and casting process.

From Actors Access and Breakdown Express to the Sides Creator and Eco Cast Live we have designed a secure, fully integrated ecosystem of products and services.

With over 97% of all scripted projects in North America relying on us to do what we have always done, we are immensely proud to have been involved with some of the most iconic, groundbreaking, awe-inspiring, mind-bending, and game-changing projects.

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As an industry leader, we continue to develop the most innovative, time-and-cost-saving solutions so you can focus on the creative process. We encourage you as an Actor, Talent Representative, Casting Director or Filmmaker to explore all of the tools we have to offer as we know they will be valuable to you throughout your career.

From the Breakdown to the Booking and everything in between Breakdown Services is the most trusted resource for industry professionals.


for Industry

Exclusively for Breakdown Express subscribers
All the benefits of CastingAbout plus exclusive access to contact information for Casting Directors and their staff currently casting major film, TV, or theatre in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and Vancouver. Complete listings for Studio and Network Casting Executives. Keep private notes, and custom contact information.

Go to castingabout.com

for Industry

Be the first to know. Your up-to-date information on projects in pre-production and development. The Grid gives you early access to trends and is a great resource for pitching yourself or your Clients, whether you are above or below the line.

  • Pin projects you want to track and get notified of any updates
  • Know the current status of film and TV projects
  • Follow what option deals are attached to which Directors and Producers
  • Production company contact information

Go to grid.breakdownservices.com

for Casting Directors

Prepare your Sides using the Sides Creator with a variety of additional security features giving you complete control over who has access to your audition material. Easily attach your Sides directly to each role with watermarks and user-restrictions.

Available with your Breakdown Express account

for Actors

The casting and production guide to who is Casting what in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and Vancouver. Accurate and up-to-date, CastingAbout tracks every major film, TV and theatre project on both coasts including the full Casting staff, with contact information and social media links.

Go to castingabout.com

Bring your headshot to life with this seven second video. Make an impact on Casting by showing them what you look and sound like.

Learn more about SlateShot

for Casting Directors

Upload any script with standard formatting and the Sides Creator instantly parses it into roles and scenes with a full suite of mark-up tools and customizations.

Available with your Breakdown Express account

For Actors seeking representation in Los Angeles and New York, as well as the Southeast and Midwest regions. Talent Link is the most convenient and direct way to connect Actors seeking representation with Talent Representatives seeking new Talent. You choose the region and type of representation you are seeking and Agents and Managers can view your Actors Access profile and reach out to you via CMail.

Learn more about Talent Link

All the benefits of your free Actors Access profile PLUS unlimited submissions to projects posted on Actors Access.

Upgrade to plus

Eco Cast Live | Eco Cast Self-Tape | Eco Cast Desktop | Eco Cast Presentations

Auditions your way. The most versatile audition software for all your casting needs. Secure invitations and automatic uploads directly to your Eco Cast means everything is right where you expect it to be and there is no post-session uploading.

Learn more about Eco Cast

Your professional profile. Free to create and maintain. This is the profile that you, your Agent and/or Manager will submit to Casting and what Casting sees when viewing submissions.


  • 2 free headshots
  • 1 free SlateShot
  • Your résumé
  • Your size card and special skills
  • Role Match alerts
  • Sharing your profile across Talent Representatives
  • Access to your Eco Cast Self-Tapes, Eco Cast Live invitations, Secure Sides, and other audition updates.

Go to actorsaccess.com

for Talent Representatives

View Breakdowns, make submissions, manage your roster, your submissions and your clients' auditions.

Go to breakdownexpress.com

for Casting Directors and Filmmakers

Manage all of your projects, Breakdowns, and Eco Casts. View submissions, schedule auditions and share presentations with your team. One central place for all your casting needs.

Go to breakdownexpress.com

for Studios and Networks

Manage all of the projects under your Studio and/or Network across multiple Casting accounts. Get alerts for new auditions, view auditions from all Casting Directors and oversee all projects from start to finish.

Go to enterprise.breakdownexpress.com

by Breakdown Services

As a leader in the industry we believe that sharing our knowledge and experience with the community can only serve to empower people and elevate the industry as a whole.

School Showcases
We provide mentorship and resources and assist the Students in preparing their Showcases. We walk them through building their professional Actors Access profile and help them understand what the expectations will be when they enter the professional world. We distribute the Showcases to our vast network of Studio and Network Casting Executives, Casting Directors, Talent Agents and Managers.

Educational Seminars
For Actors, Casting Directors, Talent Representatives, Casting Executives and Filmmakers, we provide training and demonstrations for all of our services.
For educational institutions, we offer online demonstrations which include in-depth walkthroughs geared toward the Students' area of study. We share insights into best practices, expectations and how to navigate the industry.

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