About Breakdown Services

Today, Breakdown Services releases over 43,000 projects per year throughout North America and maintains a database of over 845,000 actors.

Breakdown Services and it's family of companies (including Actors Access, CastingAbout, The Creative Index, Talent Link, and Showfax) has been an integral part of the working actors life since 1971. We are committed to providing services that make the casting process seamless for Casting Directors, Talent Representatives and Actors. We are dedicated to educating and encouraging actors and filmmakers at every stage of their career by supporting events and symposiums across North America. We have over 845,000 actors using our service and release over 43,000 Breakdowns annually. Thank you for choosing Breakdown Services!


Breakdown Services began! Back then there were no computers... There was no internet! Gary Marsh would go to the Studios in Los Angeles and read the only script available. Gary would create the breakdown and then hand deliver them to talent agents.
Breakdown Services opened a new branch in New York!!!
For the very first time, Breakdown Services created a method of transmitting breakdowns for commercials via satellite to talent agencies.
Breakdown Services opens its first branch in Canada, in Vancouver, BC.
The Toronto office opens.
Developed the first website to distribute casting information to talent agents, allowing them to submit actors' pictures and résumé via the internet.
Breakdown Services reached out to the actors and created Actors Access, which supplied actors with breakdowns as PDF files.

The same year, Breakdown acquired Showfax, a service that provides audition material to actors via internet.
Introduced Breakdown Express, which coordinates the release of casting information, submissions from talent representatives and online auditions.
Created the process that allows casting directors to post auditions to the internet.
Added the ability to submit theatrical reels and voice-over reels along with headshots and résumé.
Partnered with Showcast in Australia to create the International Association of Talent Directories, this allows the easy transmission of casting information.
Introduced Eco Cast, expanding the ability of casting directors to upload auditions online. Using Eco Cast, casting directors can now invite actors to audition from any location.
Introduced SlateShots to allow actors to create a 7 second slate as part of their picture submission.
Endorsed by the Casting Society of America as the preferred online resource.
Launched industry version of CastingAbout, as well as The Creative Index.
Added Toronto and Vancouver to CastingAbout for Industry. Expanded offices to include Austin, TX.
Breakdown Services continues to expand and develop exciting new services for Filmmakers, Casting Directors, Talent Reps and Actors.