A Breakdown is a synopsis of the entire script including complete character descriptions of each role, the key Creative and Production team members, location, start dates, rate of pay, union affiliations and any special notes or requests.

Casting instructs us where they want their Breakdowns released. Agents and Managers use the Breakdown to submit the appropriate Talent and Actors use the Breakdown to determine if they are interested in a project and to assist them in preparing their auditions.
Breakdown Services is a complete end-to-end solution for film, tv, theatre, commercial and voice professionals.

It is used by everyone from Students to Studio and Network Casting Executives

Our services are fully integrated to create a seamless, secure environment for all of your audition and casting needs.
A Casting Director or Filmmaker will send us their project information and we will work with them to get their Breakdown prepared for release. They decide where they want it to go and we release it to Agents and Managers and/or Actors in those regions. Agents and Managers view projects on breakdownexpress.com and Actors view projects on actorsaccess.com. In both cases, the Actors Access profile is submitted for Casting to view submissions and select the Actors they want to audition. Actors audition via Eco Cast self-tape, in-person or through Eco Cast Live. Casting works with their Collaborators to finalize casting.
We post over 97% of all scripted content that requires Actors in North America. This includes film, tv, theatre, commercial, voice, and animation. We support the entire industry from Student Filmmakers to the biggest budget Studio and Network projects.
Yes. We post union and non-union projects.
When you have a project you need to cast, go to breakdownexpress.com and click Post a Breakdown. Log in using your Breakdown Express credentials if you already have an account OR, if you are brand new to our site, continue as a Guest.
With Breakdown Express you have a secure, fully-integrated, industry-specific, end-to-end solution for all of your casting needs including 3 different ways to hold your auditions:

  • Eco Cast Live is your remote audition option which allows you to audition anywhere. Designed to replicate the in-person audition experience for Actors and Casting, Eco Cast Live is the next best thing to being in the room.
  • Eco Cast Self-Tape allows you to request and watch self-tapes
  • Eco Cast Desktop is a MacOS program that allows you to run your in-person auditions and automatically capture and upload the audition videos

The beauty of the Breakdown Express ecosystem is that you can manage all of your auditions in one place, preserve your history with each Actor, and share custom presentations with your Collaborators. Uploads go directly to the intended Eco Cast and specific role.
Any inquiries regarding service as a Talent Representative can be sent to requests@breakdownservices.com
All you need is the Actor's name and email to send them an invitation to join your roster.

From your Breakdown Express account
  1. Go to Clients > Add New Client
  2. Enter the Actor's information
  3. Click Send
Note: The invitation will come from the primary email address on your Breakdown Express account.

The Actor will then open the invitation email and click the Actors Access button to log in. They will be added to your roster immediately!

Each Actor needs to have an Actors Access account for you to submit them to projects posted on Breakdown Express. Per the California Privacy Act, every Actor has the right to control their own Actor Access profile and who has access to this information.
Actors Access is the portal for Actors.

An Actors Access profile is free to create and maintain. It is the profile that will grow with you throughout your career and can be shared across all of your Agents and Managers. It is submitted by you and/or your Talent Representatives to Casting for consideration. It is the profile seen by Casting Directors, Producers, Directors and any other Collaborators for projects you are submitted to.

Your FREE Actors Access account includes,
  • Secure access to your Eco Cast Self-Tapes and Eco Cast Live invitations
  • Secure Sides and audition updates
  • 2 free headshots
  • 1 free SlateShot
  • Your résumé
  • Your size card and special skills
  • Role match alerts
  • One profile for every Talent Representative in any location
For $68/year or $9.99/month your Actors Access PLUS membership includes all the features of a free Actors Access account, PLUS:

  • Submit yourself to unlimited Actors Access Breakdowns
  • Add existing AA media to your submissions

Actors Access and Actors Access Plus do not include Performance Media. Additional media can be added to your profile for a fee

Upgrade to Actors Access PLUS

All prices and fees are in USD.
SAG-AFTRA members qualify for a 20% discount on the Actors Access Plus annual membership!

Simply add your Union affiliation and SAG-AFTRA ID to your Actors Access profile when purchasing an annual membership.
Actors are able to see Breakdowns that are posted to Actors Access. If your Actors Access profile is complete, you can also receive role match notifications. Some Breakdowns are posted to Actors Access while others are posted to only Agents and Managers on Breakdown Express. The Casting Director determines where a project is posted.
You can submit to projects posted on Actors Access through your Actors Access PLUS membership or on a per project basis.

For specific instructions on how to use the features on Actors Access, see our support articles.
With the Actors Access mobile app you can:

  • Receive instant role match notifications
  • Manage your role match criteria
  • Quickly view and submit to projects posted on Actors Access
  • View and respond to CMail messages
  • View, confirm, decline, or reschedule audition requests
  • Upload self-tapes to Eco Cast invitations

Available for iOS on the app store
Yes. You can register for a free Actors Access account. The majority of the projects we post are for Actors who are able to work in North America.

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