Frequently Asked Questions

Breakdowns are complete synopses of the characters contained within scripts. Our staff writers read scripts provided by casting directors and create over 600 television and feature film Breakdowns in various locations around North America every week. Breakdowns approved for release are sent out real-time through our websites at and Talent representatives and actors are able to instantly view the Breakdowns and submit their clients' pictures, resume and videos via our website to casting directors.

Breakdowns include episodics, pilots, feature films, movies for television, commercials, print projects, theater, student films, industrials, reality TV, and many other types of projects that require acting talent.

Licensed talent agencies receive Breakdowns throughout North America. Personal managers in Los Angeles and New York can also subscribe to Breakdown Services. In order to insure the utmost professional service to the entertainment community, all talent representatives must provide specific information about their company before being approved to receive Breakdowns.

Actors can get Breakdowns through Actors Access only. Casting Directors determine who can receive their projects. If a Casting Director wants submissions from talent representatives in New York, only talent representatives in New York can view and submit on that project. If a Casting Director is willing to accept submissions from actors, they instruct Breakdown Services to release the Breakdown on Actors Access.

Licensed talent agencies and personal managers can upload their talent to Breakdown Express along with their resumes, pictures, and videos and then view Breakdowns, which includes television, feature films, theatre, commercials, student films, non-union projects, director's reels and many other types of projects that require actors. After viewing the Breakdowns they can use the website to electronically submit their clients to casting.

Hiring the right Casting Director can be one of the most important decisions you make in putting your team together. Casting Directors work hard and use their experience, taste and skill to find you the absolute best, most right, actor for each role. Casting Directors and Casting Associates work at all budget levels and on all types of projects in film, television, theatre and new media.

The Casting Society of America is the leading association of Casting professionals. CSA members and CSA associate members can be found in most US states and around the world. You can find a CSA member by using the search function on the CSA homepage. There, you can connect with prospective Casting Directors using the 'Post A Project' page.

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Actors Access is the actor's resource to maintain a profile including pictures, resume, SlateShot℠, and videos, as well as view Breakdowns AT NO CHARGE.

"Showfax is the companion website that provides sides for auditions. Additionally, an annual subscription on Showfax waives all transmission fees on Actors Access."

Free registration on Actors Access allows you 2 photos, a resume, a size card, your 1st SlateShot℠, and the ability to view Breakdowns 24/7. There are NO monthly maintenance fees to keep your profile active.

All additional profile elements are one-time fees:

  • $10/additional photo
  • $22/min of video
  • $11/min of audio
  • $5/additional SlateShot℠

All prices and fees are in U.S. Dollars.

An annual membership of $68 on Showfax will get you:

  • Free sides on
  • Transmit submissions for free on
  • Transmit Eco Cast® videos for free

Go to to sign up.

All prices and fees are in U.S. Dollars.