What is Eco Cast?

Eco Cast is a "virtual pre-read system" provided by Breakdown Services. With it, Casting Directors can send invitations to Talent Representatives or Actors directly to record an audition themselves, expanding the range of people Casting Directors can see for each role.

How does it work?

Eco Cast is entirely managed within Breakdown Express and Actors Access. So you don't need to email anything or mess with confusing file-transfer sites. And for Casting, the auditions arrive in one location automatically.

As a Casting Director: You release a project and receive electronic submissions just like normal. But now, you can create a new Eco Cast directly from your selected talent and send all of them or a small group of them an invitation to tape themselves, complete with sides, instructions, and a deadline. Then, as the auditions come in, you can view them, rate them, and send the ones you like on to your Producer or Director.

As a Talent Representative: You continue to submit your clients for roles on Breakdown Express. Then, with any luck, you will receive an Eco Cast Invitation in your cMail account. You can now either forward the Invitation to your client, if they have an Actors Access account, or upload the audition directly from your account. Either way, you can then review the uploaded video to ensure quality and submit it to the Casting Director.

As an actor: You continue to submit yourself for roles on Actors Access. Then, with any luck, you will receive an Eco Cast Invitation in your cMail account. Also, if your Talent Representative has received the original Invitation, they can forward it to you. You can now upload the audition directly from your account, review it to ensure quality, and submit it to the Casting Director or back to your Representative for approval.

Eco Cast

What does Eco Cast do for me?

As an actor or talent rep, Eco Cast provides more opportunities to audition, a convenience you don't get anywhere else, and the chance to ensure that the audition you give to Casting is your very best take.

  • More opportunities - Now you can audition for projects in Los Angeles while living in Miami or Wilmington, NC. Or, if Casting only has time to see 20 people per role in person, they can now invite the next 60 options to do an Eco Cast, increasing your chances of getting that in-person audition.
  • Convenience - How often do you have to take time off work and drive all around town to make an audition? With Eco Cast you can record your audition on your time and upload it to Casting 24 hrs a day.
  • Send your best take - Now you can make sure the take that Casting sees is your very best. Tape yourself 10 times if you need to, Casting will only see the takes you send them, so take your time and get it right.

If you still have questions, call us at 310-276-9166.

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  • Press 2 if you're an actor.