SlateShot℠   Headshots... with Personality

What's a SlateShot℠?

  • SlateShots℠ are seven-second video clips that bring headshots to life.
  • Each photo can have its own SlateShot℠, so actors can match the look or tone of each photo.
  • When a headshot is submitted, Casting can watch the attached SlateShot℠ as well to see and hear what the actor really looks and sounds like.

Here are a few example SlateShots℠ presented exactly how Casting Directors would see them as an extension of your headshot. Submissions with SlateShots℠ are displayed ahead of submissions without SlateShots℠.


Click the SlateShot℠ icon under each headshot to play each SlateShot℠.

How do SlateShots work?

How does it work?

  1. Have your SlateShots℠ professionally done or shoot them yourself. Just slate your name and show a little personality in a seven-second or less video file. Create a unique SlateShot℠ to enhance every photo on your profile. See the examples above.
  2. Go to your photo management page on Actors Access and click "Add SlateShot℠" under the photo you want to enhance. Follow the online instructions. Your first SlateShot℠ is absolutely FREE. If you choose to ADD or REPLACE a SlateShot℠ each change is only $5.00 USD.
  3. Submit to a project with that SlateShot℠ enhanced photo.
  4. Casting can now watch your SlateShot℠, as well as see your headshot, résumé, and performance videos, helping you stand out from the crowd.

For more information...

Actors may call Actors Access at 310-385-6920 or email
Casting Directors, Agents and Managers may call Breakdown Express at 310-276-9166.