Casting Directors

You've come to the right place to cast your project! Breakdown Services is the premier resource for Casting Directors to find talent.

To create an account with us all you need to do is use our online casting form to post a Breakdown. All of your submissions will come to one place to review them, make selections, and schedule auditions.

Click below to go to the Breakdown form where you need to provide all the details about your project and the roles/characters you are casting. Once your Breakdown is posted you'll be contacted with your username and password.

Keep this username and password because it will be your permanent account with Breakdown Express and will be used for this and future projects. If you have posted with us before, make sure you include your existing username on the form.

A small fee is charged when you elect to release a NON-PAYING project to agents and managers.

PLEASE NOTE - If you are a Producer or Director, consider hiring a Casting Director to do your casting.

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