Other Services We Provide

Eco Cast
Eco Cast is Breakdown Services' audition video management and “virtual pre-read” system. With it, Casting Directors can either record and upload video auditions in office, or send invitations to Talent Representatives and Actors to record an audition themselves and upload it directly to Casting Directors, expanding the range of people Casting Directors can see for each role. Eco Cast also encompasses proprietary recording software (Eco Cast Desktop) that allows instant uploading of auditions recorded by Casting.
Talent Link
Talent Link is a service Breakdown Services provides to actors who are seeking new talent representation. We post a memo to agents and managers four times a month, with an active link directing them to actor videos, pictures, and résumés.
Talent Link is a great way for actors to put themselves in front of Los Angeles and New York talent agents and managers. Talent Link has been very successful with more than half of the actors in each group receiving multiple responses from managers and agents.
Media Services
An actor can include a wide range of media on their profiles, beyond the basic headshots and résumés.
Performance Media - Includes demo reels of TV, feature films, theater or other aired clips, or voice-over demos.
SlateShots - SlateShots are seven-second slate videos that actors attach to their pictures. They have a one-to-one relationship with the headshot, so actors can match the look or tone of each photo while simply stating their name. Then, when that headshot is submitted, Casting can watch the SlateShot as well and can see and hear the actor as they really look and sound. And, submissions with SlateShots display ahead of the picture and résumé submissions. Actors on Actors Access can upload one SlateShot for free. Learn more here.
AirCheck - Make sure you or your clients' television appearances are recorded and available online with AirCheck, a service of Breakdown Services in partnership with EditPlus.
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