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Project Title

ONE BIG HAPPY (Casting Director: Stiner / Block Casting 4)

Role Name


Role Description

(Female) An exuberant, imaginative 11-year-old girl, Georgie has been leading a stable life for the last decade, but all that is about to change. She was adopted as an infant by LJ, her quirky dad, and has recently requested to meet her biological mother, Shannon. Nervous and excited about finally meeting her mom, Georgie gets one surprise after another; she has a stepbrother named Wyatt (who's the new kid in Georgie's class) and a half-sister named Ev, but what Georgie wants most is answers...SERIES REGULAR (1) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES


TAPING INSTRUCTIONS (please follow in exact order):
*Tape reading from shoulders up. NO - hats, sunglasses, gum or props.
*Play towards the camera (can look slightly left or right of camera) – no side
profiles please, STANDING only - no sitting or leaning.
*No other person on camera and be sure the reader speaks softly in order not to
overshadow the actor.

SLATE (this must be AFTER the audition)
Hold up a piece of paper (for 5-10 seconds) the following information written in
large clear letters:
*City You Reside In
*Agent/Mgr – Name, Phone Number, Email
At the END, put a quick full body shot (no side profiles)

Expiration Date

Instructional Media
Georgie Sides

This invitation is no longer active as the invitation deadline has passed.