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Project Title

Brother's Blood OPEN CALL FOR VARIOUS SPEAKING ROLES (Capital Region, NY) (Casting Director: Heidi Eklund)

Role Name


Role Description

Dale is a worker who provided a service in a home... Dale can be any gender, any ethnicity. Read this role as YOU... be authentic.


Everyone is reading DALE for this audition and we will contact those we want to read specific roles after that. This is just an initial audition.

DO NOT WAIT TO APPLY... we are reviewing the auditions on an ongoing basis and casting decisions will be made fast...


Please read the attached sides for consideration in BROTHER's BLOOD filming in Albany, NY. Use the attached instructions to guide your self-tape.

Please provide a second recording with your Slate which includes your name, union status (if you are sag-aftra eligible are you a must pay?), and your city and state where you receive mail and tell us how many miles drive it is for you to Albany, NY from your home base location.

Focus on the connection with the other person in the scene as we want to see the nuanced reactions.Keep it real.

Please be sure to submit your reads before the deadline.

We are looking forward to seeing your reads.

** THIS OPEN CALL IS FOR ALBANY LOCAL (meaning people who live within two hours of Albany)... there is no travel or housing or per diem provided for these roles.

Please know that those hired for this production will need to present Vaccination Cards and they will be checked by our Covid -19 team who will handle all the Covid-19 Protocols and enforce the standards of the production as per SAG-AFTRA.

Heidi Eklund, Casting Director

Expiration Date

Instructional Media
self-taping instructions 10-16-21

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