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Project Title

HOME TEAM - CONNOR Open Call (Casting Director: Stiner / Block Casting 4)

Role Name


Role Description

11-13 years old, smart, athletic, bright, Connor is Sean Payton's son. Living with his mom in Texas, Connor plays on the Peewee Warriors football team. Connor hasn't had much contact with his dad for the past five years and it hasn't been easy taking a back seat to football. When his dad walks into his life again, Connor is skeptical and slow to warm up. PLEASE NOTE ATHLETIC ABILITY, PARTICULARLY EXPERIENCE WITH ORGANIZED FOOTBALL…LEAD (11)


Please follow the below instructions carefully!
1. Tape reading from shoulders up. NO - hats, sunglasses, gum or props. If using an iPhone, please record your tape horizontally, NOT vertically.
2. Please be sure actor’s eyeline is JUST left or right of camera. We need to clearly see ALL FACIAL REACTIONS. STANDING only - no sitting or leaning.
3. Be sure the reader speaks softly in order to not overshadow the actor. There should be no other person on camera.
4. Audition should be uploaded and labeled as follows:
File 1: Slate, File 2: Scene 1, File 3: Scene 2, File 4: File 6: Athletic Footage (see #6 below)
5. SLATE: Actors should hold on camera for 5-10 seconds a sheet of paper with their name, age (if minor), height, agent/mgr (if applicable), reps contact number & email (if actor is not represented, parent phone & email) and current city of residence. PLEASE make sure we can read sign - get a CLOSE UP. ALSO, please speak the slate at the same time you are holding it.
6. ATHLETIC FOOTAGE: Please include a 30 second link of actor throwing & catching a ball (preferably a football), followed by them telling us about any organized football/team sports experience. Include a quick full body shot (no side profiles).
GUIDELINES. PLEASE DO NOT go to a taping facility or use an in-person reader that does not live with you. We understand any adjustments you have to make to stay within the healthcare guidelines. Safety takes priority! Additionally, please do not spend money taping. A smart phone against a simple wall or backdrop in your home is all we need - nothing fancy.

Expiration Date

Instructional Media

This invitation is no longer active as the invitation deadline has passed.